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‘Outstanding’ CQC rating for General Practice with Flo

Well done and congratulations to Roundwood Surgery, Mansfield on the achievement of an ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating.  

Here at we’re excited about Roundwood’s achievement, where Flo is implemented alongside other innovative services as an option clinicians can consider for patients.  In their report the CQC cite the use of ‘Flo’ on pages 5, 7, 19, 20 and 26, demonstrating that pragmatic telehealth solutions can be successfully implemented in General Practice and even contribute to the attainment of an Outstanding CQC rating.

“The practice engaged proactively with the CCG, the local commissioning group and other external stakeholders. External engagement was used to drive improvement within the practice and the practice embraced change and innovation. For example, the practice was a pilot site for FLO (telehealth) and won an award for their work in this area.”

“The practice offered its patients access to a telehealth system called FLO…….  This system enabled certain conditions, such as hypertension (elevated blood pressure), to be self-monitored. If patients got a reading which fell outside of their range they were advised to seek medical advice.”

“This system [FLO] involved the patient being given equipment, training and advice in how to use essential monitoring equipment such as blood pressure machines and equipment to take blood glucose readings. The system prompted the patient by text to take and send a reading and would flag if the reading was too high asking for this to be undertaken again. The system recorded all results and alerts directly onto the electronic system and would alert the patient if they needed to go to the practice to see the GP or nurse. The practice had a named nurse who checked all alerts every week to ensure no patients who needed to be seen were missed. The practice had won a local award for their effective implementation of this system.”

“Staff  we spoke with told us that patient use of the FLO (telehealth service) promoted patient independence and self-management of their conditions and was beneficial for working age people.”

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2014 Video: Dr Milind Tadpatrikar of Roundwood Surgery talks about Flo and COPD in general practice

See this report on the CQC website. Roundwood Surgery website.

Full report below.

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