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Karen Moore Reflects on her 1st Year with Flo

Karen Moore, Simple Telehealth Specialist, reflects on her 1st 12 months supporting clinicians to help their patients to help themselves with Flo.

Last week marked my first year with the Flo team and to celebrate I thought I’d share with you some of the highlights. As some of you already know before I joined the Flo family I worked for a number of years in the NHS managing projects both big and small and the one thing I always thought to be true was that change in the NHS is hard work and making it stick is even harder! One year on and I think I can safely say I’ve been proved wrong.

There is something unique about Flo and her community and I have been truly inspired by some of the amazing clinicians and patients I have met in the last year. From the team who signed up their first patient to a simple medication reminder that totally transformed that patient’s care and inspired them to create new protocols which now benefit many more patients. To the mental health team who pushed the boundaries of possibility with Flo and achieved not only national recognition for their work but created a whole new method of messaging to give patients control over the messages they receive.

I have been amazed almost on a daily basis by the number of new ways clinicians are innovating with Flo to improve the care they deliver and I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring.

Of course my anniversary with the team also coincides with the start of a brand new chapter for our community with the emerging social enterprise and I know I speak for both Phil and Lisa when I say that we are very excited about the future – you’ll here more about this in the next few weeks. We are currently busy beavering away, finalising the details for the development of the community and have already begun to forge some new regional networks to provide you as members with closer links to your local Flo community. So if you haven’t heard from us already about your first local event, your invitation is on its way! To all of you who I have worked with over the last year I’d like to say a huge thank you for your commitment and amazing ideas which have made my first year with the team a truly brilliant experience and to those of you I’ve yet to meet I look forward to seeing you very soon and as Flo would say, take care. Karen


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