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Joanne Levey, Telehealth Project Manager at Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust Reflects on the Simple Telehealth Community

The Newcastle upon Tyne HospitalsNHS Foundation Trust 

Joanne Levey – recently appointed Telehealth Project Manager at Royal Victoria Infirmary Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne, reflects on the unique benefits she’s enjoyed as new member of the Simple Telehealth Community. Joanne reflects how the Simple Telehealth Community has been an essential enabler to the adoption and expansion of Simple Telehealth in the North East, providing a flexible, supportive and collaborative environment for clinicians to innovate with Flo, increasing the quality and effectiveness of the care they deliver. For more information about how the Community can help new and existing members collaborate, share ideas and expand into new areas or adopt existing best practice, please contact Joanne has recently launched Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital’s Telehealth Strategy including local clinical, patient and financial outcomes with Flo.

“Since starting my new role as Telehealth Project Manager at Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of friendly, helpful support from colleagues in the Simple Telehealth Community and local telehealth experts.  The Simple Telehealth Community does have a real community feel about it – any questions I have, no matter how dumb or seemingly trivial, someone is there to answer (sometimes very patiently!).  Whether its by phone/email or in person, the support from both local and national network colleagues has been invaluable to help me settle in and attempt to navigate the complex (and exciting!!) telehealth world!

They’ve helped me identify exciting opportunity areas in our Trust for Florence pilots including diabetes, maternity, heart failure, pressure ulcers and epilepsy medication reminders amongst others! The hardest part will be prioritising where to start!  Although early on I have found engaging some clinicians and staff a real challenge, I have been able to rely on the support, advice and sometimes just sympathetic ear of my new friends in the network.

I feel like I truly am part of a community and am very excited to get started – using everyone’s experience to really make a difference to patients’ lives.


Lisa Taylor, July 2015


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