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House of Lords Symposium – East London Foundation Trust share their outcomes via the European Knowledge Tree group (EKTG)

Raguraman Padmanabhan, Telehealth Service Lead within East London Foundation Trust, supported by Simple Shared Healthcare, were invited to showcase their innovative redesign to support patients in East London to become more connected with their healthcare and improve their capability to self manage via Flo at the “Developing Digital Transformation of Health and Care Symposium” led by the European Knowledge Tree Group for eHealth (EKTG) at the House of Lords Symposium on 22nd November 2017.

The invitation to showcase the opportunities delivered with Flo in East London to such members as Lord Willis, House of Lords Member, Norman Lamb MP (Chairman of the Commons Science and Technology Committee) was a proud moment for both East London Foundation Trust and Simple Shared Healthcare.  The session ignited an engaged discussion around further possibilities and the wider context of eHealth implementation across the UK.

East London Foundation Trust’s Contribution

East London Foundation Trust have an ongoing relationship with the EKTG with a particular interest in the EKTG’s role in educating and upskilling medical and nursing students around the role of technology in modern healthcare systems.  This created an opportunity for Ram to share how East London Foundation Trust emerged as the first UK organisation to achieve the benchmark of the European Code of Practice for Telehealth services in 2014 and how they have employed television, SMS and telephone technologies to deliver safe and effective healthcare.  Ram shared East London’s commitment to technology’s role on constant innovation, sustained behaviour change and self management and the following outcomes from their application of Flo:

  • 50% reduction in grade 2 pressure ulcers for patients supported via Flo
  • 250 potential district nurse visits/calls saved for patients supported via Flo

East London Foundation Trust also have a randomised control trial underway evaluating the effectiveness of a mobile technology (Flo) intervention in comparison with routine care for patients with severe mental illness, aiming to foster self-management and timely communication between patients and clinicians, hereby impacting upon treatment adherence and relapse rates.

What is the European Knowledge Tree Group (EKTG) for eHealth?

The increase in available health information plus the evolution of our patients from passive receptors of medical treatment to an active, well-informed and responsible participants forces us to find new solutions to provide assistance and ensure a good quality of life for patients and senior citizens. 
Chaired by Peter Saraga, the EKTG was founded in 2010 with the aim of pushing for more research in these areas and promoting better practical implementation of such solutions in Europe.  The EKTG for eHealth brings together the knowledge and experience of some of the most active users and patients, technologists, academics, service providers from health and care, local and central government officials, and entrepreneurs, from Europe and around the world, to promote excellence and to enhance and support research, policy formation, education and entrepreneurship and other activities that advance and enrich eHealth in all its forms.  Under the backdrop of the Tallinn Declaration which promises a digital future for Europeans senior representatives join together to showcase best practice examples of eHealth delivered at scale from the UK and across Europe, and help the EKTG lead the way

What’s Next?

Following on from the discussion Karen and Lisa were invited to share further learning from the Simple Telehealth Community at the next eHealth Symposium “Building the European Digital Health Environment – Turning Best Practice into Mainstreamed Implementation!” in January 2018 to discuss specifically “Making eHealth a Reality – Learning from Simple Telehealth’s Community of Practice”.  The approved abstract is available to download below.

How can I contribute or find out more?  If you would like to learn more or get involved with the EKTG as a supporter or contributor please contact Maggie Ellis, Lead Academic and Co-ordinator EKTG, London School of Economics

Views & Downloads (Membership Required):

EKTG eHealth Symposium January 23 and 24th, 2018 Abstract Simple Shared Healthcare

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