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Flo stars in film preview at Sadler’s Wells

The evening of the 22nd October saw a first for ‘telehealth’.  As part of the The Health Foundation’s ‘The Power of People‘ programme, The Health Foundation have commissioned 5 cinema class short films about practical, pragmatic (and low cost) methods of making a substantial difference to patients lives.  The Health Foundation cast the net wide and undertook a comprehensive analysis of possible subjects,  eventually settling on the 5 featured areas,  including Simple Telehealth/Florence.

Lisa Taylor and I were privileged to witness the impact of the first screening of the 5 films on the mixed audience of patients, carers,  health professionals, academics, journalists et al.   The films are of outstanding quality and quickly struck a chord with the audience,  hitting clinical, technical, emotional and common sense notes.   The films enjoyed an enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive reception.

The Health Foundation: “A simple to use system with a big personality, Flo shows that telehealth does not have to be about complicated technology.”
The films will be released for viewing over the next five weeks. Don’t miss any of them!

‘Flo: Telehealth with a human touch’


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