Results – Sharing early outcomes with Nellie

Sharing Outcomes: St Kilda Medical Group have recently started to use Nellie and have already begun to see some results. They have produced and shared a poster that describes how they are using Nellie in practice; the poster includes two patient stories about using Nellie to support Blood Glucose monitoring and step counting to increase […]

Sharing Flo’s legacy case studies from Digital Health Stoke-on-Trent

Digital health: Based on some recent work, we would like to share some legacy case studies from the website with our community members. While these case studies are older, they demonstrate how Flo has been having a very positive impact on patients from her early days! Please take a look at some of these […]

NHS Scotland publishes TEC Workforce Survey

NHS Scotland has recently published the results of a Workforce Survey about using Technology Enabled Care (TEC). NHS Scotland has highlighted use of TEC as a priority, and Flo is used by many boards as part of their TEC strategy. The survey reveals that there are a number of challenges related to the rollout of […]

Flo featured in The Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics

The Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics has published a paper (volume 24, no. 4, 2017) describing NHS Lothian’s approach to integrating patient data generated via Flo into their local electronic medical record (EMR).  The paper discusses how telehealth systems, such as Flo, are effective in the monitoring of long term health conditions, but can […]

“Sharing Success” 25th January 2017 Primary Care Breakout Session Posters Portfolio

Sharing Success – The “Making Change Happen with Simple Telehealth and Florence” conference was held on 25th January 2017 at the North Stafford Hotel, Stoke-on-Trent and saw a day of collaboration, sharing best practice and clinical enthusiasm. The event attracted members of the Simple Telehealth Community sharing their experiences and ideas plus patient representatives and those […]

“Sharing Success” 25th January 2017 Community Breakout Session Posters Portfolio

Sharing Success – The community breakout session proved very popular and showcased a wide variety of Flo’s use in both clinical and non clinical pathways across the Simple Telehealth Community:  Florence Home Health Monitoring and Support for People with AsthmaCorrine Clarke – Respiratory Nurse SpecialistNHS Highland Enabling Supported Self-Management of Wound Care in a Community […]

Flo Protocol and Template configuration

Summary of key columns id id of template name user defined name parent_template_id parent (see id ) parent_template_field parent triggering field keywords service_type reading or reminder cycle days of week/days/weeks/months start_relative_type days/weeks/months  start_relative_value number of days/weeks/months end_relative_type end_relative_value time_of_day DOW Days of week high_limit normal  low_limit normal high_max plausible limit low_min plausible limit num_reminders number […]

Flo Innovation Showcased at NHS Wales “Team Wales Digital Showcase” – 2016

Flo was chosen as one of a handful of proven innovations to be showcased at the Team Wales Digital Showcase Event held at Venue Cymru in September 2016. Senior delegates from across Wales came to hear Welsh Government’s vision towards digital healthcare becoming a key driver in improving efficiency and quality then had the opportunity […]