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The AHSN Network – Flo is a hugely successful example of innovation

MDs & CEOs of England’s 15 AHSNs have chosen Flo as a ‘hugely successful example of innovation’

Katie Kay & Chris Pimlott of Pennie Care NHS FT showcasing work in the Greater Manchester AHSN area.

Last week members were privileged to present their success stories with Flo at an NHS Confederation Conference plenary, showcasing their work alongside the national AHSN Network.   Katie, Chris, Sian Clark, Paul Marriott and Phil O’Connell represented AHSN areas covering the West Midlands, East Midlands, North East & Cumbria and Greater Manchester, relating how, working with AHSNs, NHS and industry, Flo had been deployed, developed and sustained, delivering real and award winning clinical outcome improvements.

‘resulting in a better experience and improved outcomes for patients and a more efficient service for the NHS’
The AHSN Network

‘Telehealth technology has too often had a patchy record of adoption and success in the NHS. Using this technology at scale is not common in the NHS’The AHSN Network

‘These services can be used in a multitude of ways, across the whole life spectrum, from hypertension to reducing the likelihood of cancer, maintaining healthy pregnancies through to end of life care and much, much more’ North East & North Cumbria AHSN

‘Flo is a cost-effective and efficient solution and fits with the ambitions of the Five Year Forward View’East Midlands AHSN

‘Flo actively supports the model of patient self-care management and compliance, while also delivering productivity gains for services, enabling larger caseloads to be managed within existing resources’West Midlands AHSN


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