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TEC Lanarkshire Celebrate over 10,000 Patients Supported by Flo

We are delighted to share that in February 2020, over 300 new patients in Lanarkshire started to self-manage their health with Flo’s unique support, taking the total number of patients that Flo has helped in Lanarkshire alone to over 10,000 patients across a broad range of conditions.

The award-winning team in NHS Lanarkshire worked passionately to support the introduction of Scotland’s National Florence hypertension pathways, including the integration of Flo into hypertension diagnosis and hypertension monitoring pathways, alongside medication titration for those patients whose hypertension is newly diagnosed or uncontrolled.  This has proven to avoid the need for some non-value added appointments, thereby allowing remote blood pressure monitoring to increase practice capacity and reduce patient travel costs.

Kerry Fletcher, Lesley Aitken & Morag Hearty
TEC Lanarkshire Team attending the Digital Health & Care Scotland Awards in February

The pathways have standardised and streamlined Lanarkshire primary care hypertension pathways, ensuring that patients receive best-practice care & freeing up time for busy clinicians with Flo acting as a catalyst to move responsibility away from healthcare professionals to patients, thus increasing the effectiveness of interventions. Read more here.

To date, over 5,000 patients have received Flo’s friendly messages to motivate, engage and educate them specifically with their hypertension, which is a fantastic achievement.  Well done to all of the team at TEC Lanarkshire for their forward-thinking and innovative approach with Flo to engage & motivate patients & achieve better and faster outcomes!

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