Scotland Scales Up Flo with 1.2m investment

Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman visits Hunter Health Centre in East Kilbride to formally launch Scale Up BP nationally across Scotland. Backed with £1.2m investment from the Scottish Government over the next 2 years.
Measuring blood pressure is the third most common reason for attending primary care appointments in Scotland, with £1.2 million appointments every year.  During her visit, the Health Secretary had the opportunity to see Flo first hand and find out more from patients and clinicians about their experience.

This technology brings significant benefits to patients. It enables them to have more control over how they manage their condition, and greatly cuts down on the number of appointments they have to attend… By investing in improved technology across health and social care, we can improve patients’ experience and outcomes, and free up capacity in the system at the same time. Jeane Freeman – MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport

Scale up BP is part of the wider Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme established in Scotland in 2015/16 and to date, more than 150 practices have used Flo to support patients requiring blood pressure monitoring either to diagnose hypertension, monitor BP or titrate medication, with over 10,000 patients benefiting so far.

Simple Shared Healthcare are thrilled to offer our congratulations to the NHS 24 TEC Programme along with all of the teams and clinicians who have been involved in the fantastic success of their Scale Up BP programme. 

We’re delighted that Flo with her #TotallyUnique methods and patented technology has already supported so many and we’re really excited to see her continue to offer support to many more patients across Scotland in the future, supported by this fantastic investment from the Scottish Government.

To find out more about the Health Secretary’s visit you can access the full news item on the Scottish Government’s website here.

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