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Research Paper: Self-Management: Keeping it Simple with “Flo”

An excellent paper has been published describing the role of Flo in supporting patient self-management. The paper encourages the reader to reflect on their approach to home and community monitoring of patients, encouraging better self-management, and for clinical staff to consider how and where Flo could support patient groups in line with national protocols

The paper, written by Cund A, Birch-Jones JL, Kay M, Connolly P in conjunction with the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network, describes the role of self management in delivering today’s healthcare and how the integration of Flo can support patients and deliver better clinical outcomes and efficiencies.

Discussion includes staff and patient feedback, the results of a comprehensive patient satisfaction questionnaire and implications in clinical practice.

The paper is available to download here:

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Lisa Taylor, March 2015


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