Flo featured in The Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics

Innovation in Health

The Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics has published a paper (volume 24, no. 4, 2017) describing NHS Lothian’s approach to integrating patient data generated via Flo into their local electronic medical record (EMR).

 The paper discusses how telehealth systems, such as Flo, are effective in the monitoring of long term health conditions, but can pose some questions when it comes to large scale implementation.

One of the biggest challenges can be clinicians perceiving an increase in their workload around integrating telehealth patient generated data (PGD) into their corresponding electronic medical record (EMR), and the paper discusses how this was achieved with Flo by NHS Lothian.

The results confirmed that that approach developed was successful, and was viewed very positively by clinicians – something which is key to encouraging uptake of Flo by medical practices.

You can read in more detail about this by downloading the paper below. 

Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics (bcs.org)

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