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‘Nudge-Type’ Interventions to Support Behaviour Change – The Health Foundation – 2015

Interventions to Support Behavioural Change: A recent research publication by the Health Foundation “Behavioural Insights in Health Care” very much struck a chord with me, as a patient and also Flo advocate:Ā 

The publication describes some of what we know, that patient behaviour is a major determinant of health outcomes alongside the behaviours of health care providers also being a major determining factor in ensuring that patients access the best and most appropriate care. 

We know through our own behaviours as patients how the combination of our understanding, control and engagement in our condition plays a major element on how much we change our behaviours to the good of our health outcomes, and depending on our condition(s) the difference that this behaviour shift can make.

‘Behavioural Insight in Health Care’ suggests that nudges – approaches that can steer patients in the right direction whilst maintaining their freedom of choice – may offer an effective way to change behaviour and improve outcomes at a lower cost that traditional methods.

Flo operates as a nudge-type intervention with her personna-based clinically guided interactions supporting patients to become more motivated and involved in their healthcare be it by engaging more in their shared management or by supporting condition education as a motivator for behaviour change.

Adherence is highlighted in Chapter 4 as an opportunity where nudge-type interventions can support estimating that 30-50% of people prescribed medications for long-term chronic conditions do not adhere to their treatment and the impact this has on inefficiency, waste, admissions, lower quality of life and morbidity/mortality.

The conclusion recognises the variability in the evidence for nudge-type interventions………if only Flo had been included in the review 

It is well worth a read, I’d be interested to know what you thought.


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