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Heart Failure – Debra Vickers

Debra Vickers, Lead Heart Failure Nurse has been using Flo to help support heart failure patients in the Western Isles and has noted the difference it is making. 

Key Quotes:

“We’d had experience of other heart failure tele-monitoring projects before which hadn’t really come to anything, but this has been different and we’ve been really delighted with it”

“Flo’s different because it’s actually really simple to use, not just for the patients but the staff, and I think that matters”

“It’s not intrusive technology in the house…. there’s been no disruption to patients in setting it up”

“We’ve found there’s been benefits for the team as well, from the staff perspective. There are times that we don’t have to either visit a patient or bring them into clinic, and obviously that as far the work planning goes, that’s a huge benefit.” 

“There are many benefits to Florence and maybe this is hard to quantify but patients often just say that they feel better, they feel supported.”

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