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Florence and the strangest secret of self care

The use of digital technologies in healthcare is a fast growing industry with a whole host of technology start-ups offering solutions using online video conferencing, apps and AI.  Within this crowded market, many come with a promise from the vendor of a clinically effective and sustainable service but all too often we see these solutions struggle to live up to the salesman’s promise.  Healthcare by its nature of course is a tricky area for digital technology, with the need to provide independent evidence of a direct causal clinical effect and improved efficiency for healthcare providers.  This is particularly tricky within the requirements of rapid change driven by new advances in care but anchored in long established methods of care delivery.

Flo is now in her 9th year of supporting patients towards better and faster clinical outcomes and helping them to manage their own health conditions better.  Along the way the evidence from Flo’s use has enabled the introduction of her US and Australian cousins (Annie and Nellie) and although these locations are very different, Flo, Annie and Nellie have all continued to demonstrate the same positive and sustainable outcomes.

So what makes Flo, Annie and Nellie different to other digital technologies and what’s the evidence?
In this short webinar Phil O’Connell, our founder, talks through our unique methodology and how the secret to self-care has little to do with digital technologies, and everything to do with human behaviour. 

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