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Flo wins top “Digital” accolade at NHS Sustainability Awards 2017

‘Flo’ in West Lancashire’s Heart Failure Service named No1 for NHS digital sustainability 

West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (WLCCG) implemented an effective Tele Health text messaging system – ‘Flo’ in West Lancashire’s Heart Failure Service.  Flo (which was named after Florence Nightingale) sends patients reminders and health advice tailored to the patient’s needs. 

The technology allows Clinicians (Doctors or other health professionals such as Nurses or Community Matrons) to design specific protocols (define messages, set up parameters and alerts, etc.) on Flo for their patients.  Flo enables Clinicians to capture real time information about their patients at any time via a simple messaging interface.  The solution prompts the patients to submit readings such as their oxygen, pulse, blood pressure and weight readings. Depending on the readings, prompt advise & guidance is given to the patients; Clinical alerts (if any) are sent to the Clinicians.

Since the implementation of Flo within the Heart Failure Service, the selected cohort of patients, identified suitable for this technology, were able to self-manage their conditions more effectively.  It decreased unnecessary Clinician-patient contact and released capacity within the system for more appropriate appointments and referrals.  
Recent feedback captured from patients using Flo, following it’s implementation, have shown:

  • Significant reduction in the number of face-to-face Clinician-Patient contact, thereby reducing hospital admissions/unnecessary visits
  • Empowered patients to manage their health conditions better
  • Freed up Clinician’s time to see other patients who need urgent care
  • Delivered positive patient experience due to a sense of personal support and flexibility offered by the unique Tele Health solution
  • Patients felt more confident co-managing their condition

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