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Flo as an Intervention to Support Positive Behavioural Change – 2017


Flo as an intervention: We all recognise the impact that behaviours can have on our own health, and that of our patients. Positively influencing our patients behaviour towards that that optimises their health, condition or lifestyle can lead to better clinical outcomes an improve their quality of life whilst delivering system efficiencies along the way.

To positively impact on our patient’s behaviours we firstly need to communicate what we desire that behaviour to be. Traditionally these behavioural characteristics are delivered via verbal or written guidance with patients when interacting face-to-face.

For teams that have integrated Flo within their pathways, Flo supports patients to adhere to clinical guidance outside of the traditional setting gently nudging patient behaviours to that which optimises their health and extending the impact of that best practice healthcare.

But how does Flo do this?
We know from patient experiences that Flo’s unique personna based interactions engage and motivate patients to become more aware of how their behaviours can help them. Patients also tell us that Flo’s friendly interactions make sense, are at relevant times, feel helpful and create a sense of empowerment and engagement that motivate behaviour change to adhere to shared management plans. 

The COM-B model helps to explain this from the perspective of a validated framework.

COM-B (‘capability’, ‘opportunity’, ‘motivation’ and ‘behaviour’) forms the hub of the behaviour change wheel and recognises that any behaviour change involves the interaction of these components.

So, to impact on behaviour change an intervention must be able to influence a patient’s capability, opportunity, motivation and behaviour.  

By developing a pathway that includes Flo’s interactions outside of standard face-to-face care that increases a patient’s capability, opportunity and motivation to self manage, a positive impact will result on patient’s engagement and adherence to your best practice healthcare. 



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