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Digital Sustainability at Spring 17 International Conferences

Regularly shared at regional and national events; Members’ independent, ‘sustainability’ and clinical case studies describing application of the NHS’s unique Simple Telehealth methodology and Florence to achieve significant and measurable results, often attracts recognition from respected international healthcare institutions. 
This spring, two of our Leading* Member organisations who’d already taken to the stage at international events in Orlando and New Zealand sharing their experience with Simple Telehealth and Flo, were again sharing their knowhow and experiences at the BMJ & IHI’s ‘International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare’ in London and the World Congress on Integrated Care’s ‘International Conference on Integrated Care’ in Dublin.
With lively interest in both talks, organisers arranged substantial auditoriums to accommodate registered interest from delegates.

International Conference on Integrated Care

We were honoured that the outcomes from NHS Western Isle’s redesigned hypertension pathway were selected as an oral presentation at The International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC) in partnership with the Health Service Executive (HSE) 17th International conference on Integrated Care “Building a platform for integrated care: delivering change that matters to people” in Dublin, Ireland 8 to 10 May 2017 in association with 5th World Congress on Integrated Care (WCIC5). 
The conference brought together researchers, clinicians and managers from around the world who are engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care, sharing their experience and latest evidence.
Led by Iain Trayner, TECS Project Manager the abstract ‘NHS Western Isles – Involving our Patients: Faster Access to Treatment for Hypertension in Primary Care’ describes the case for change and subsequent wide-ranging impact delivered by integrating Flo into the pathway for patients with suspected hypertension identified in primary care.  Iain’s presentation stimulated healthy discussion amongst the audience with overall recognition of the impact that self-management supported by Flo had been made and of the potential for the delivery of scalable benefits.  NHS Western Isle’s new pathway is now complete in 7 days from identification of raised blood pressure to treatment initiation and maximises opportunities for home monitoring to improve both patient safety and engagement; patient and clinician experience has been overwhelmingly positive.  The outcomes demonstrated included:


  • A safe, supported alternative to ABPM providing patient choice in treatment planning 
  • Faster diagnosis or exclusion of hypertension reduced patient uncertainty
  • Confidence and ability to self-manage improved 
  • Engagement in condition and/or symptoms improved
  • Improved patient acceptance of new or increased medication
  • Reduction in patient travel


  • Improved patient safety during diagnostic process 
  • Immediate initiation, faster access to diagnostic data to initiate treatment
  • Real time access data to expedite and evidence treatment decisions.
  • AF screening increased via monitors provided by the practice
  • Supports development of a nurse-led service


  • Reduced handoffs improved patient flow
  • Reduction in patient contacts
  • More cost effective pathway
  • Reduction in administrative processes improves productivity
  • Opportunity to support the delivery of person centered care when treatment planning

Outcomes from the initial cohort confirmed that the redesigned pathway provides sustainable and scalable learning for further adoption across primary care adding significant benefits to traditional ABPM or non-supported home monitoring practice.  With a small proportion of the clinical time released reallocated to diagnostic result analysis, it was further recognised that the application could be extended to support diagnosis or monitoring of other conditions where patients can be supported to submit readings or symptoms from home. This was the first model within Scotland reviewing hypertension diagnosis pathways with Flo forming the basis for NHS Lanarkshire’s large-scale implementation
NHS Western Isles are now collaborating with Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare and NHS24 on a national pathway based on this methodology, which has, been adopted as part of a national evaluation model. The abstract will soon be published in the International Foundation of Integrated Care Journal.

Presentation slides from the conference are available to download here or download Iain’s presentation only  For more information please contact 

International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Originating out of a submission from Sian Clarke of Nottinghamshire’s Assistive Technology Team, the talk tackled the elusive topic of sustainability in a presentation titled “Whole system approach: A cost effective way to allow patients to self-manage”.
The talk discussed the journey of Nottinghamshire from the all too familiar low point of “historical failure of initiatives to deliver the digital utopia portrayed by some suppliers” through to their wide ranging, evaluated and evidence based implementation of Florence and subsequent inclusion in Nottinghamshire’s STP.

Download the slides  or visit the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare website

* Leader (Inspirational-Innovator) / Master (Accomplished-Actualiser) level of the Community of Practice Capability Maturity Model.

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