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Digital Healthcare: the essential guide

“Commission for outcomes, not for technology”
 Jayne Birch-Jones 

Dr Ruth Chambers OBE, Marc Schmid and  Jayne Birch-Jones have worked together to publish a mainly practical book incorporating genuine case studies, checklists, FAQs and other tools, providing insights into the world of Technology Enabled Care.  The book has something for everyone, from novice to seasoned veteran, explaining from the authors experience what can be achieved with telehealth, telecare, telemedicine and social media, and in the case of telehealth, how it has actually been done.

We’re delighted the authors1 have chosen to cite our own Simple Telehealth & Florence  and our work with the US Veterans Health Administration to create ‘Annie’ ( Flo’s US cousin ) throughout the book.  The foreword by Julia Manning of 2020Health and respected guest authors, Jim Ellam, Dr Lizzie Cottrell and Lisa Taylor add a tremendous amount of experience and value to the book in their chapters too.   
The lion’s share of the book provides a realistic and grounded head start in today’s world of TECs and can help readers to avoid re-invention of the wheel and repeating mistakes of the past.
The book at £24.99 is set to be published in June 2016 by Otmoor Publishing

1 Dr Ruth Chambers OBE, Jayne Birch-Jones and Lisa Taylor are authors who have made valued contributions to our US Veterans Health Administration telehealth project to create Flo’s US cousin Annie.

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