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“Designing Pathways Integrating Flo” and “Top Tips for Designing Effective Messages in Flo” now available!

Two new documents summarising best practice are now available to community members:

“Designing Pathways Integrating Flo”  shares existing learning in relation to the development of new pathways for conditions either not yet developed within the community or where a localised pathway is desired. It may be helpful to consider the factors discussed in collaboration with your local Facilitator, Clinical Lead, Organisational Lead and System Administrator where appropriate. The document discusses potential approaches to self care using Flo, identifying priority areas, clinical engagement, key areas to consider, testing and user acceptance, patient evaluation and sharing/recognition.

“Top Tips for Designing Effective Messages in Flo” is a useful resource when starting to design Flo’s message interactions with patients and will be useful for the Clinical Team and System Administrator to review to ensure that Flo’s interactions add value to achieving the desired purpose of use.

Scoping Pathway Design” is also useful in conjunction with the two new documents to help teams think and plan the required steps to take Flo from an initial concept to an integrated digital tool.

All documents are available within the Administrator Training tab in the members section.

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