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Derbyshire diabetes team: National PEN award finalists

Specialist Diabetes Team
Derbyshire Community Health Services

NHS Foundation Trust

 22 January 2016

Congratulations from us all at to the Specialist Diabetes Team at Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust in becoming finalists in the National Patient Experience Network (PEN) Awards in their Innovative Use of Technology/Social Media category for their implementation of Flo to support diabetes patients in Derbyshire.
The PEN Awards is the first and only awards programme to recognise best practice in the experience of care across all facets of health and social care in the UK, celebrating the delivery of outstanding patient experience by those involved in the health and social care industry. 
The team have been using Flo to help over 100 of their patients (25% of their caseload) manage their condition.  Along with empowering patients, Flo is also helping to improve clinical decision-making and early intervention, reducing avoidable face-to-face appointments and most importantly, improving the quality of life for patients demonstrated by a range of case studies presented as part of the application process.
Extensive engagement with local practices has been undertaken by the team, with focussed engagement events to energise and engage primary care colleagues and support practices on their journey with Flo.  Team members were also keen to discuss the innovative practice at local health meetings, and public and patient engagement events. 
Flo quickly became an invaluable tool for the team, transforming how care was delivered and the impact of their face-to-face conversations with patients delivering a number of benefits:

  • Faster and sustained achievement of clinical outcomes through patient’s adherence to self-management guidance and prescribed medication,
  • Patients demonstrated a greater awareness of their own blood glucose levels, leading to positive changes in behaviour and lifestyle
  • Patients established, and sustained better habits around blood glucose testing,
  • Necessary clinical intervention happened quickly,
  • Clinical decision making became better informed including improved appropriateness of treatment with correct medication dosage as applicable,
  • Relationships became more open between patients and clinicians.

The winner will be announced on 2nd March 2016 at the awards ceremony in Birmingham, good luck!
For more information please contact;NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit’s “inspirational” Flo Clinical Lead @thebestjoan: or

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