Delivering the healthcare revolution; Fraser’s story.

NHS Lanarkshire;  We use communication technology at work, rest and play. Whether it’s a teleconference, ordering shopping online or booking activities. The simple text message is also now at the heart of a healthcare revolution – and is helping people take care of their hearts, minds and general health. Find out how by watching Fraser’s […]

NHS Lothian Telehealth

NHS Lothian have produced a short video highlighting how technology, in particular Flo, is changing healthcare for the better and gives examples of the areas where Flo has been used to help patients self manage their conditions.  #NHS Lothian #Weight management #Blood pressure #Medication #COPD #Carer support #Falls prevention #Physical activity #TotallyUnique

NHS Scotland Scale-Up BP

Digital Health and Care Scotland have launched this video as part of their Scale-Up BP Programme to help inspire, educate and engage busy patients. #Digital Health and Care #Scale-Up BP Programme #Scotland #Blood Pressure #Hypertension #TotallyUnique

Original Florence Clinicians Guide

Short clinician #training #guide for Florence, the NHS clinicians’ telehealth patient self management solution. #xvideo #TotallyUnique

Sky News package – NHS Future Forum

News coverage after the Dept of Health Maps and Apps event on 22nd Feb 2012. Featuring patient Christine Cartlidge and our friend Florence. The package was recorded with the kind permission of Lincolnshire County Council who are engaged in a County wide rollout of telehealth across Acute, Community, General Practice and Adult Social Care. #TotallyUnique