Bridging the gap – Vitamin B12 and Depo Provera Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders can be a really simple introduction for clinicians new to using Flo. A little known benefit of using Flo reminders for vitamin B12 and Depo Provera injections is that it can help to mitigate the issues that can arise from a 12 week cycle of injections where there is local appointments system that only allows patients to book appointment 8 weeks in advance. In this instance patients aren’t able to book at the time they present at the surgery for their latest injection and so they need to remember to call the surgery in 4 weeks time to make their next appointment. Patients who might forget to call in time can sometimes then miss their 12 week schedule if there are no appointments available and so signing them up to a simple booking reminder in Flo whist they are at the surgery can help to bridge the gap.

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